Tokunbo Koiki

TokunboTokunbo means “From across the Sea” in Yoruba, a language from the West African Nation of Nigeria. Although I was born in Camden, London, to Nigerian parents, my experience of living in Lagos, Nigeria for the first nine years of my life shaped my taste buds and love of Nigeria cuisine and culture.

I was taught to cook by my mum at an early age so I would be able to cook for my family in the future. As a result I have always especially enjoyed cooking for others.  I feel a great sense of excitement that my cooking gives so much joy to another person. Frankly, African food is healthy, hearty and extremely tasty so we have done the world a huge disservice keeping it as a well guarded secret within African communities!

In Nigeria, we say ‘Oya, come chop,’ when it’s time to eat. I want everyone to have the chance to chop and enjoy mouthwatering Nigerian food. Tokunbo’s Kitchen is my opportunity to enable people from all different culture the chance to enjoy the type of delicious home cooked Nigerian food I grew up eating. My ‘Food is ready, Oya come chop’ supper clubs gives you the chance to enjoy an evening full of exciting food concepts, exhilarating music and cultural immersion. I started Tokunbo’s Kitchen here in London as this is a city that has shaped me into the proud British-Nigerian woman I am. My overall goal is to have Nigerian cuisine as a favourite choice on the London food landscape.

Through Tokunbo’s Kitchen, I also provide cookery classes, cater for events, personalised intimate private dining experiences as well as parties and celebrations in my mission of bringing you a taste of Nigerian.

When I am not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you can find me on the nearest dance floor in my full Dancing Queen glory!